Our history

From the moment of its establishment, the Agency for the local development of San Salvario identified the creation of a multipurpose center as a house in the neighborhood with spaces for cultural activities and associations as a strategic action for the neighborhood. The creation of this center was shared with the City of Turin (Department of Culture, Sector Suburbs, District8) and because of a lack of suitable spaces owned by the city in the neighborhood, the search for a property on the private market was begun.

In 2003, the Agency initiated participatory planning and a feasibility study for the location of Casa Del Quartiere in some buildings in the neighborhood (largo Saluzzo 34, via Morgari 14 e via Lombroso 16-18). This activity was carried out through the involvement of all the local stakeholders and various sectors of the municipal administration.

Throughout 2003, the conclusions of this process of shared planning were collected in the report "Casa Del Quartiere in San Salvario", delivered to the Mayor of Turin.

In 2005 the Agency introduced the Vodafone Foundation project "ConverGente. Casa Del Quartiere" as a result of a contract that would obtain the financial assistance to implement projects in a multicultural context. With the help of the Foundation to fund the restoration and equip a suitable building to accommodate the activities stated above, the project began to take shape.

In addition to having supported the objectives of the project presented to the Vodafone Foundation, The City of Turin was also committed to finding the site – which was later defined to be the building which had housed the former public baths, Via Morgari 14 - and providing the resources necessary to co-finance the renovation.

The building of the former Public baths

Built in the first decade of the twentieth century, the building was designed by Camillo Dolza and boasts several interesting features as a historical landmark. From an architectural point of view, this is a significant achievement in Art Nouveau style: what stands out in particular is the curve in the lower portions of the building and the curious decorations that adorn the cornice, consisting of alternating frogs and shells.


The building consists of 2 floors and basement, partially used and courtyard.

Walkable inner surface area: approximately 600 sq.m,

Ground floor: 350 sq.m.

Basement: 100 sq.m.

First floor: 155 sq.m.

Courtyard: 470 sq.m.

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